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A sustainable case for your new MacBook Air 15 inch.

Our sails kept people and goods dry for years. Our tent cloths ended up on the factory floor like leftovers. They both get a new life as a durable laptop sleeve. From now on, they protect your new MacBook Air 15 inch M2 against scratches.

This sleek laptop cover from UNBEGUN is specially designed for the new MacBook Air 15 "M2. All durable laptop sleeves are handmade in Amsterdam and are available in multiple colors.


The sleeve is one-of-a-kind and made of super-sturdy, water-repellent residual material. The cover has a layer of recycled foam. This foam layer ensures that your laptop can take a beating and is resistant to scratches. The laptop sleeve can be closed completely by means of a qualitative zipper on the top. The unique zipper tractors complete the whole.

Curious About How the MacBook Air 15 inch Sleeve is Made?

So our laptop sleeves are handmade and locally produced. But how? You may be wondering. Well, after the market stall covers have been washed and scrubbed, they’re cut into shape using custom made patterns. They are then sown together by one of our (very gifted) seamstresses. Maartje, a former costume designer, is one of them. From her studio on the outskirts of the city, she’s been making UNBEGUN bags for several years now. Read her story in How it’s made.
How it's made