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For years, our tarp material protected merchandise and other goods against the Dutch elements. Now, after they’ve been transformed into sustainable laptop sleeves, they provide the ultimate protection for your notebook. This sleekly designed sleeve from UNBEGUN comes in multiple sizes to snugly hold 13- and 15 inch laptops, the new 14 inch MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Pro 16 inch. The outside layer is made out of waste tarp material. The durable material is sturdy, water-repellent and one-of-a-kind. The sleeve is lined with neoprene for a cushioning effect, to ensure your laptop stays in one piece and free from scratches. The high quality zipper on top allows for the sleeve to be completely closed, while the unique zipper pulls add a finishing touch. All sustainable laptop sleeves are handmade in Amsterdam and come in multiple colorways.


So the laptop sleeves are handmade and locally produced. But how? You may be wondering. Well, after the market stall covers have been washed and scrubbed, they’re cut into shape using custom made patterns. They are then sown together by one of our (very gifted) seamstresses. Maartje, a former costume designer, is one of them. From her studio on the outskirts of the city, she’s been making UNBEGUN bags for several years now. Read her story in How it’s made.
How it's made