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UNBEGUN X eurostretch

A successful event or festival starts with a sturdy stretch tent. And where many stretch tents are produced abroad, Eurostretch makes them right here in The Netherlands. Locally, with love. You don’t just see the quality, you feel it, too. Largely because of the material, which Eurostretch produces themselves.

Eurostretch makes indestructible festival tents. And they produce them right here in The Netherlands, just like we do our products. Nice ‘n local – we love to see it. Another thing we love to see is waste material. Which Eurostretch has plenty of and then some. We used Eurostretch tent fabric scraps floor to create our latest collection. That way, this waste material gets to see the light of day after all.


First, we remove any nails or tape. The material is machine-washed, after which we give it a good, final scrub. Next, we pattern-cut the material to size. Each piece is unique and ends up looking little differently from the last. Finally, our seamstresses get to work. Maartje, for example. This former costume designer makes UNBEGUN products in her atelier. Completely by hand.
How it's made