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UNBEGUN X Boedelbak

For years, Boedelbak's sails protected the contents of many Dutchmen. They traveled city and country. Weather and wind they braved. And then they were discarded. Sin, thought Boedelbak and UNBEGUN. That is why they give the old trailer sails of Boedelbak a second life.

It is fantastic that we can extend the life of these old sails for several more years. Where discarded sails usually go to the incinerator, through this collaboration we can make many people happy with a unique bag or laptop sleeve that includes a special story.”According to Martijn, owner UNBEGUN


So our products are handmade and locally produced. But how? You may be wondering. Well, after the market stall covers have been washed and scrubbed, they’re cut into shape using custom made patterns. They are then sown together by one of our (very gifted) seamstresses. Maartje, a former costume designer, is one of them. From her studio on the outskirts of the city, she’s been making UNBEGUN bags for several years now. Read her story in How it’s made.
How it's made