I grew up in Zeist. While my classmates played hockey or tennis on the weekend, I got on the bus to Utrecht. On Saturdays I took acting classes with my – to this day – best friend. The moment the break started, we would run outside. I enjoyed being surrounded by so many people and seeing new things. As soon as I turned 18, I moved to Utrecht. I had a great time there for a few years, but because I’d spent so much time there since I was a kid, I eventually wanted to move on.

‘I’d fallen in love with a guy from Amsterdam and, after finishing my studies, I decided to move here. I moved in with him on the Eerste Helmersstraat, and started a second degree.’

‘I’m crazy about this city, and like many different parts of it. Not just because of the aesthetic, but mainly because of the memories the different places keep. I care a lot about my friendships and spend most of my time at places where we can be together. Whether this is in the East, South, West or North, doesn’t matter so much to me. Everything is easy to reach. I prefer to walk, because I hate cycling – it makes me super nervous.’

‘I get bored easily and am really susceptible to stimuli. That’s why Amsterdam is perfect for me, it’s not too small, but definitely not too big either. When I have a day off, I love going to the market. I get a shitload of food, cook the entire afternoon and ask friends to come round. The only thing I miss in this city, is my family. I have three brothers and a sister and they all live in Utrecht. It’s a shame I can’t just get on my bike to have dinner with my sis.’