Rolf is a music loving career tiger. He works as a booking agent in the music industry and travels for work a lot. At home in Amsterdam for a moment, he took UNBEGUN to his hotspots.

‘On Olympiaplein I play Power League, preferably every week. It’s like football but with five players and for the last few years we’ve had a really strong team. We’re all friends and the team is called the FC Makrelen (FC Mackerels), don’t ask me why. Despite the name, we’ve made it to the first place in our league for the last two years now.’

‘I work in the music industry as a booking agent for DJs and like the challenge of bringing musicians to the next level. These people put everything into their music, and it’s great to help them realise their dreams. I’ve always felt very connected to music, so this job is close to my heart. When we succeed to make DJs more successful, this gives me energy as well.’

‘Our office is close to the Schinkel (one of the lesser known canals), on the Generaal Vetterstraat. It’s still a bit of an underdog area, but lately there’s been more going on. It’s home to various music related businesses and I often run into people there. Occasionally we have drinks together in the area, and there is even a gym close by where a lot of us work out in the morning.’

‘If I’m not in the office, I’m normally traveling. This week, for example, I go to a conference in Shanghai. I obviously continue my work while I’m abroad and in transit, and it’s really useful to have a good bag. With the UNBEGUN backpack I never feel like I’m carrying anything – it’s incredibly light and very compact. My laptop fits in it perfectly, which is great when I’m on the go.’

‘Down-time also occurs sometimes and when it does, I like spending it at the Waterkant (a waterside bar in the West of the city) with friends. Especially in summer it’s a nice place as you can sit outside in the sunshine. What I really like about it, is that it doesn’t matter who you are. It’s no ‘seeing and being seen’ type of place. It’s a good spot to start an evening, and from there on see where the night ends.’