We make all UNBEGUN products by hand. And produce them locally, here in Amsterdam. How? After the materials are washed, we give them another good scrub. Then we cut them to size. Finally, our seamstresses get to work and make something totally unique.


One of the stitchers of UNBEGUN is Maartje. Former costume designer Maartje has been making UNBEGUN bags from her studio on the outskirts of the city for a few years now. She helps developing the designs, after which she stitches the products together in her workspace, with an extra dollop of love and care.

‘I feel most proud of the backpack. It was quite a big job to get the design right and to make sure it became the unique and super solid backpack it is today. It took about 5 months to get it perfect, and I’m very pleased with the result. It is the most complicated bag in the collection to stitch because of the waterproof lining and the different pockets. One backpack takes me 3,5 hours on average to produce.’

‘I work from my studio at home and only use a couple of machines. I have a leather sewing machine for sewing the fabric since it is quite rigid and thick, and then there’s the hand press for the buttons. The fabric is delivered cut to size, which is really convenient, so I don’t have to do any cutting myself.’

‘I’m a really big fan of the bags and the story behind them, and I use one of the first designs – a white shoulder bag – for literally everything. My boyfriend just got a black backpack for his birthday. Can’t be hard to guess who gave it to him..’